As summer comes to a close, I start thinking about Starbucks PSL football. And naturally, every agency I end up at runs some sort of friendly cutthroat fantasy football league. So I naturally toss in $10 and spend the next 4 months debating what to do with a broken QB or an underperforming WR.

But, before all this excitement commences, I must start with the team name...and a cute logo, of course. Because I'm a New Yorker Wisconsin girl at heart, my team will always be based on my hometown boys, the Green Bay Packers.

Here are some of my one hour logos / team options.

xo – Christine


every kiss begins with clay

Because, who doesn't love a little muscle and some flowing blonde hair?


armed rodgery

Because we will not be robbed of a winning season this year, friends.


mister rodgers' neighborhood

Because who doesn't wants to be this handsome man's neighbor?


straight outta cobbton

Because he can come straight out of anywhere.


cheese & packers

Because cheese and crackers were a food group in my house growing up.


50 shades of clay

Because Clay isn't always green and gold.