"Hi Kristine..." 

Ok. Stop. Stop right there.

I know you're just looking to fill a position you are staffing for, but you just deflated my semi-decent vibe with your eager "slip of the finger". I loathe the fact that you either didn't care to look at my last email sign off or take the time to look at my LinkedIn profile—because you know...it's on there...in a pretty big font.

No, my name is not Cristine, Christy, Chrissy, Chris, or Kristine...or whatever other interesting spelling some of you have come up with. For your convenience, I've listed my full name in all of my signatures—specifically for you to copy and paste, if you can't correctly use a keyboard to type it on your own.

For the rest of you lovely human beings, please, for the love of God, take 5 seconds to make sure you're correctly spelling the name of whoever you are emailing (or writing–since some of you still use a real pen to write). Experiences like this go unnoticed...until it's a negative one.